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14 April 2005 - Mail shot sent out in Support of MGR!
Following on from last weeks CONVOY to Longbridge organised by Beverley Miles. It has been decided that another meet will take place on Sunday to Longbridge!

The idea is folk should either meet at Gaydon in the morning at 10am. Then move onto Q-gate at Longbridge for midday!

If you cant make it at Gaydon - go straight to Q-Gate and park on the grassy embankment!

This is an XPF led event inviting everyone one line community and CLUBS associated with MG's to join in!

It would be great if all that come along to wear any forum T-shirts, MG T-shirts.....Flags etc.

Remember we are doing this for the MGR workforce at Longbridge and its Franchises, nothing more.

So please let them know your support by attending!

Finally, a new site showing an impartial nature has been set up and should be live today - it's
www.savemgrover.com  If anyone has any comments to add to it - please mail me on [email protected]


Jerry Flint
Site Owner

XPF is in independent site, owned by Max and Jerry Flint and administered by a team of enthusiastic owners. It is probably the largest site of its type on the internet!

13 April 2005 - XPF Forms a sub site called www.savemgrover.co.uk

Below is an extract from the site and outlines our initiative!


Hi and welcome, thanks for taking the first step to saving MG Rover.


We hope to offer some practical advice on what you can do to help reverse the terrible situation facing our last British Carmaker.




MG Rover is not BL of old as the press would have you believe, it’s a highly effective and potentially profitable car maker, with world leading technologies and a loyal and highly skilled British workforce. The products are equal of any and deserve consideration.


10’s if not 100’s of 1000’s of jobs are at stake. Families throughout the Midlands and indeed across the country are facing a very uncertain future through no fault of their own. Its time we looked after our own and pulled together.


British pride is at stake. We are the mighty lion that has lost its roar; in fact it has been castrated as all our major world leading industries have been eroded. This is the thin end of the wedge.


We are not biased to any political party; we are just British Citizens that want British cars made in Britain and to support our fellow countrymen.

10 April 2005 - XPF supports MGR!
Just would like to say I'm proud to be the founder of XPower Forums in these difficult times.

More importantly the individuals who have fresh ideas.

Beverley Miles should be congratulated for her initiative. Specifically a meet at Junction 2 of the M42 tomorrow at lunchtime (11 April).

She has just told me she has campaigned all day in the defence of MGR and it's survival (speaking to all facets of the media).

I want to be known this is a sole Beverley Miles of XPF initiative! Lets hope the people that count listen!

Thanks, Jerry Flint.

19 November 2004 - Sponsorhip in 2005
In 2004 we sponsored WSR and KartWorld. The prize for doing this was our url on the race cars. We would like to do this again for the touring cars in 2005 if the opportunity exists.

In the meantime Project X are running a SV GTR in the British GT championship in 2005 and Paul Kneeshaw has been contacted to see if we can assist in a small way. Watch the Forums for the any news on this. See this LINK too!

9 October 2004 - WSR has this to say about XPF!
Around 80 MG cars descended on DoningtonPark circuit at the weekend for the final rounds of the 2004 MSA Green Flag British Touring Car Championship.  But before racing got underway on Sunday, the MG xpowerforums.com members presented team principal Dick Bennetts and the WSR team with a cheque.

The money was raised by the forum to show their support of the independently entered WSR MG BTCC team.  The members organised a grand prize draw of an MG Ttwo-seater sportscar, the winner of which will be drawn from the raffle later this year.

Now by far the busiest MG related website on the internet, XPF caters for owners and supporters of this historical British marque.  The site offers a member forum, technical section and an extensive image library, as well as organising social gatherings, trackdays and factory visits

Upon receiving the cheque Dick Bennetts said: "I'm pleased to accept this kind donation from xpowerforums.com.  Their support throughout the year at every circuit and in all weather conditions is to be admired.  I know that Anthony (Reid) and Colin (Turkington) have been particularly appreciative of their vocal support around the circuit and I hope that an Independents Trophy and a newly crowned BTCC Master is something that they will celebrate with us."  

23 June 2004 - Auction and Raffle
To date we have sold nearly £8,000 of tickets towards the Great WSR raffle, which is a tremendous success for the Forum and WSR. 

Since the implementation of the raffle we have thought of various ways to supplement the Raffle and fortunately WSR have allowed us to Auction components from the actual race cars that have had slight accident damage. To bid for these components goto this Forum.

Here are the basic guidelines:

  • The winner collects the article.
  • Signed by Anthony Reid.
  • Signed by Colin Turkington.
  • Letter of authenticity from Dick Bennett's.
  • The highest bid wins.
  • Note damaged as in the picture on site.
  • Minimum bids are incremental £5 bids.

7 June 2004 - Win with totalMG
The first issue of totalMG will be published on 23 June 2004.

totalMG is the magazine that MG fans the world over deserve and gives today’s MG owner what they want – fun, informative articles with stunning photography and lively writing. And in the first issue every reader has the chance of winning a brand-new MG TF115, a full suspension upgrade, plus other goodies in a range of easy-to-enter competitions!

The first issue of totalMG contains features on a wild supercharged ZR, wonderful 1960s MGC GTS, XPower-tuned ZR 105, a madly modified MGF, everything you need to know about buying a ZT, MG online, how to upgrade suspension, Q&A, data on all new MGs, plus pages of classified adverts and much, much more.

totalMG doesn’t recognise boundaries – it caters for drivers of all types of MG, including the classic MGB and Midget, through the RV8 and MGF, up to today’s TF and Z saloons, and beyond. In all cases it reinforces the fact that MGs are true sports cars that are made to be driven – fast.

totalMG is the world’s only newsstand magazine dedicated to MG that is published monthly, 12 times a year. Printed on top-notch paper with a gloss-varnished cover, it features superb photography, lively and informative writing, and eye-catching design. totalMG is in a league of its own.

Ask for totalMG at your newsagent or go to www.totalmg.com.

Editor’s note: For more information about totalMG please contact Philip Raby at 9publishing on 0845 4506964; email: [email protected] A jpeg file of the front cover is attached with this press release.

21 May 2004 - totalMG is launched on the 23 June.
The first issue of totalMG - the brand-new magazine for today's MG owners – goes on sale at all good newsagents in the UK on 23 June, and worldwide soon after.

totalMG reflects the excitement that is MG. It’s the magazine that the MG world deserves and gives today’s MG owner what they want – fun, informative articles with stunning photography and lively writing.

You can subscribe to totalMG now at www.totalmg.co.uk. If you're lucky enough to be one of the first 500 subscribers you'll receive a very special, limited-edition issue one with a unique cover. You'll also be entered into a prize-draw with the chance of winning a brand-new MG TF115!

4 April 2004 - XPF sponsors BTCC front runners!

X-Power forums are proud to announce that they have become a sponsor of the WSR MG’s entered at the 2004 BTCC series, which kicks off at Thruxton on the 11th April 2004.
The agreement means that the X-Power forums URL will be carried on the rear bumper of the MG ZS cars competing in the series throughout the 2004 season, further entrenching XPF’s position as the leading MG supporters and enthusiast’s website, which now has almost 3500 members. Further sponsorship announcements will be made shortly.

For more information, please visit


X-Power Forums are delighted to announce that they have completed a sponsorship deal with highly rated BTCC Independent driver Jason Hughes and his Kartworld entered MGZS.

Following the recent announcement that X-Power Forums are sponsoring West Surrey Racing, this ensures that all MG entries in the 2004 series, which commences at Thruxton on the 11th April, will display the URL of the leading MG supporters and enthusiast’s website.

For more information, please visit

25 January 2003 - XPF raises money to Sponsor BTCC driver - Jason Hughes

Following on from a suggestion to add our Forum url on the WSR cars we have now developed the idea further.


Paul Harrison arranged a meeting with Jason Hughes and ran some ideas past him. To our delight Jason was very receptive to us and said he would add an url to the bumper. The size is dependant on the budget we could raise. The idea was placed on the Forum with an initial target of £1000 and too our surprise money was pledged overnight. Since then the cheques have rolled in and it looks like the idea will reach fruition very soon.


Visit the Forum here to see the Topic discussed.

23 January 2003 - Site updates and additional Review Software added!

During the last week we have uploaded the latest software for the Gallery and Forum. This task was undertaken by Rob Watton. I also took the opportunity to buy additional software by Photopost call Review Software. This allows you to add a picture of a product and some pertinent details. Then others can say if they agree with your findings and where and how much they bought the component from!


Please find the Review Software here. Dave Sims is also designing an icon to be placed at the top of all site pages (fast link).

2 Nov 2003 - Group Buys - MG F/TF Roll Hoops

We have secured 20% discount on the XPower TF Roll Hoops. To find out more visit this Foum Thread.

31 Oct 2003 - XPower Forum Shop Launched

Today the XPower Forum shop is launched here. You can still by stickers direct here.

4 Sept 2003 - XPF uprades to a Dedicated Server

Because of an unprecedented expansion in Bandwidth I decided to purchase a dedicated server in August.  We have now successfully moved to the server at a cost of US$328, consequently we have shortfall of revenue at the moment.


The servers specification and cost (per month) is listed below:


Monthly Fee: $199.00
Setup Fee: $199.00

Cpanel: $30
2.4 GHz Pentium 4
Intel 533 FSB / 512 Cache
80 GB IDE Hard Drive
512 MB Ram
300 GB Data Transfer
8 IPs

Glenn Roberts (seamaster), following a generous Paypal donation suggested I set up a monthly subscription service.


So here it is - the idea is to click the button above, which means you donate to XPower Forums £5pm.


28 July 2003 - Donations to XPF

Following two months of shortfall from our sponsors, I mentioned something on the Forum, the response has been overwhelming.


The following folk have helped out using Paypal or other means!

Steve Wright
Dave Leader
Simon Gibbons
Carl Fairhurst

Dave Harrison

Rick Yorston


John Egan

Henrik Abel

Adrian Clifford (Red)

Dave.C. Morris
£?? not sure yet!

The following have set up standing orders for at least £5 a month, one has set up for £10 a month:
Keith Swadling

Steve Wright
Debbie O'Connor
Pam Duggan
Mike Hammond
Nat & Nick Young
John Doubtfire
Andrew Gilhooley?
Graham Robbins (has just volunteered)

Beverley Miles

Andrew Miles

Sam Denton
£70 pm (if all activated)


Below are the commercial sponsors (amount per month):
Dealer - £??
Noria - £20
Leda - £2

2 July 2003 - XPF  - succesful site

Just a short message to explain our success and at the same time the double edged sworrd as a result of its success. As momentum builds with an average of 172,000 hits per day in June 2003, so have the costs gone up accordingly.


Stats in June: 172,000 hits per day (peaks of 235,000 {during the week}). Bandwidth of 49 Gigs of used. Below is the service we use from www.venturesonline.com


Furthermore this month we were billed the following:

Virtual Private Server VPS8000: $159.95
CPanel Unlimited Domains License - VPS:  $10.00
Off-Server Tape Backup: $45.00
Technical Support (Hourly) - HD# 31869 :$32.50


The Technical Support was to upgrade the server and the cost of Off-Server Back-Up has taken me by surprise, which I think I need to curtail.


Currently we generate £140 of income per month and the outgoings' are US$247.45, so as you can see the site is becoming a costly affair. If anyone can donate using the Paypal system to offset charges I would be most grateful until we can establish more sponsors!


If you click on the Donate ICON, you promise to pay £5 to XPower Forums! The intention is never to make a profit only to recover costs!

7 June 2003 - XPower Forums Show Banner


A very long while ago I thought of getting a promotional Banner made for the Forum. However, because of the lack of income the idea was shelved shortly afterwards. Anyway as the Forum grew and I invited a new influx of Moderators to the Forum one of whom was Tony Palmer who was full of enthusiasm. He saw the thread and resurrected the idea. The seed was now sown, a thread was started asking for donations and before we knew where we were the members had contributed enough to get a banner produced. Meanwhile Findlay coordinated the initial design  which was refined by Dave Sims for reproduction.


The idea: J Flint

Idea resurrected by: Tony Palmer

Initial design: Findlay Colquhourn

Refined by Graphic Designer:  David Sims


The idea is that the banner will be used for all BTCC events and major shows to promote XPower Forums.


A Special thanks to MG-Rover allowing us to use the MG Logo and the following Forum members whom without the banner would still be an idea: John Doubtfire - Glenn Roberts - Stuart Forbes - Debbie O'Connor - Graham Robbins - Keith - Jerry Flint - Dave Morris (DCM) - Kevin Neal - Tony Palmer - Guy - David Sims - Paul Flint - Pam Duggan - Beverley Miles - Phil Rawlinson - Pete Wilkinson (Value £169) The balance will be used to stock some XPower mugs!

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