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What's New at XPF

 "The Great WSR Car Raffle" is now over?  Who won?

21 Aug   Check out RML's Silverstone exploits here!
21 Aug

JLD-Racings Metro Cup Car is "Car of the Month"!    Read more....

3 Aug   Press Release from the GB Sports Car Company Ltd!    Read more....    Comment here!
21 July   MG Rover Group and Powertrain Limited have been sold to Nanjing Automobile (Group) Corporation!    Read more....
08 July   Martin Honey asks for ideas for an MG 2006 calendar!   Read more....
08 July   MG and Rover owners get together at Wicksteed Park!  Read more....
29 June   Good news from Luffield cars!   Read more....
16 June Lola and RML reports with full Qualifying timing results! Read more....
16 June   DTI drove ‘news agenda’ to bring MGR down?   Read more....     Please make comment on XPF Forums!
15 June   MG Rover race dream ran up debt of £48m!    Read more....     Please make comment on XPF Forums!
13 June   Visit our XPower SV subsite here
13 June   Why Rover Crashed.   Read more....
8 June   RML - WSR and Maurer pages updated at XPR!
7 June   PWC briefing on the 10th June!   Read more....
4 June Forum Sunstrip launched!  Read more....