The Great WSR/XPF Prize Draw - Winner will be announced 3rd December!

INFO: As at 05/12/2004 05:19:18 - 755 of 1000 books have been sold.

4 December 2004 - The lucky winners are:
The lucky winners of the TF prize Raffle are:

1st Prize:  Jeff McCullough Wirksworth, Derbyshire.

2nd Prize:  Paul Merryweather Bedfordshire.

3rd Prize:  Peter Grinsted

Jeff McCullough will collect the car from Kernahans on the 8th December 2004. Present will be a BTCC EX261 (not a mock up) and Anthony Reid, Dick Bennett's, Martin Kernahan and other guests! The presentation will take place at 3pm!

WSR and Anthony Reid are desperate for our funds, hence this Prize Draw. An MG TF115 has been sourced from MG, with a metallic finish and ABS as an option (subject to availability). This will then be raffled by selling complete books of tickets (each book contains 10 tickets at 2 each).  1,000 books only will be sold. The residual amount of cash will be donated to WSR (West Surrey Racing) to assist the racing programme (monies will be forwarded as soon as our costs have been met regardless of the draw date).

The car will have Anthony Reid and Colin Turkington's name on it somewhere (log book as been suggested).


1. Ist prize - MG TF115 (stored at Kernahan of Witney) and supplied by MG-Rover (Normal showroom price could be 16,690).

2. 2nd prize - Merchandise to the value of 400 from the MGR merchandise store at Longbridge.

3. 3rd prize - XPF Umbrella and BTCC T-shirt in Size Large.

STOP PRESS Additional prizes maybe available.

Terms and Conditions

No one under 16 is allowed to purchase a book, we would like you to buy as many tickets as possible. We, XPower Forums will not be allowed to take part!

The draw will take place on 3rd December by Anthony Reid of West Surrey Racing.

Gaming Board Rules

The general rule is that lotteries cannot be run for private or commercial gain.


The rules and regulations are contained in various sections of the 1976 Act and in the 1993 Regulations to which reference should be made.


Lottery tickets may not be sold to persons under 16 years of age and all tickets must be paid for before they are entered into the draw.


A society must register with the Gaming Board if the total value of tickets to be put on sale in any lottery is to exceed 20,000, or if the value of tickets to be put on sale in any lottery, added to the value of those already sold during the same calendar year, is to exceed 250,000.


The price for a ticket for a Society's lottery or a local authority lottery must not exceed 2, and there is a limit on proceeds of 2 million for single lottery or 10 million for all lotteries in calendar year.
The limit on prizes is 25,000 for a single prize, or 10% of the proceeds whichever is higher. Not more than 55% of proceeds may be used for prizes. With regard to expenses limits, up to 35% of proceeds may be used for expenses (Gaming Board authorisation may be required in some circumstances). The combined prizes and expenses limit is, therefore, 80% of the lottery's proceeds, preserving 20% of the lottery's proceeds for the good cause.