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All Press Releases are provided by MG - Rovers Press office unless stated otherwise!

21 Dec 2003 MG / Texaco  Virgin radio prize winner collects MG ZS Prize.
Prize winner Mel Crossan of Letchworth, Hertfordshire collected an early Christmas present, the keys to a gleaming new MG ZS. Mel won the £12,785 MG ZS 120 in the nationwide competition run throughout October by Texaco and Virgin Radio in conjunction with MG Rover Group, where listeners could win one of 20 MG cars.

Listeners participated in the competition by calling into the Virgin Radio Breakfast Show when a certain track was played; callers won by answering random car related questions following an elimination round. Mel successfully answered the questions and won the MG.

Mel said: "I'm absolutely thrilled. I can't believe it. I just can't wait to drive it!"

Bruce Palmer, Dealer Principal said: ?This has been a great and innovative marketing campaign. Joining forces with Texaco and Virgin Radio has enabled us to promote the MG cars to a much greater number of people.?

For further information on MG cars, please contact Mantles MG Rover on 01462 680000.


20 Dec 2003  Austin & Morris names to return according to Auto Express!

MG Rover dealers have been told that there's a strong chance the firm will resurrect the Austin and Morris names.

The sensational news was revealed during a meeting of senior salesmen at the company's Longbridge plant in Birmingham earlier this month. Sales staff were also shown facelifted versions of Rover's 75, 45 and 25, which go on sale next year. One dealer who attended the conference, but did not want to be named, told Auto Express: "There is going to be a comprehensive revamping of the three cars, as well as their ZR, ZS and ZT versions.

"Every vehicle is going to have a much more aggressive-looking front end, similar in style to the XPower SV." He added that the revamped models had been on display at the event, and that the ZT in particular had a "very mean and muscular" appearance.
Bringing back Austin and Morris would be an astonishing move for loss-making MG Rover, given its financial problems and a recent slump in sales which has led to the factory being shut down early for the Christmas break.

Officially, MG Rover won't comment about forthcoming models, but insiders at the firm have told us there's likely to be a revamp of the 75 in time for the 2004 Geneva Motor Show in March.

The car will be followed by the 25 and 45, which could debut at the British Motor Show in May. It's Rover's centenary and MG's 80th birthday next year, so there are likely to be several anniversary editions, too.

Austin was axed in 1988 when the Metro, Maestro and Montego became known as Rovers, while Morris ended in 1981 with the death of the Ital. By Richard Yarrow

Ed: Seems a long shot  - but worthy of your comments here.

5 Dec 2003 Qualified Manufacturing Achievement: Gary is one in a thousand!
MG Rover Group has gained another achievement, highlighted by an NVQ II in manufacturing presented to Gary Evans, a seat production operator at Longbridge. The company holds the distinction for having achieved 1000 NVQs at level II in Performing Manufacturing Operations. This is an achievement of national significance since it has not been equalled by any other company.

Gary has been with the company for 14 years, the past nine of which have been devoted to seat build. He is especially pleased that by providing this qualification the company has recognised the contribution and skill of its workforce in the field of car production.

Operations Director, Chris Bowen, said: "Measuring achievement is very important, so I’m pleased for Gary, but more importantly this is commendable news for MG Rover Group. Being the first company in the country to achieve this high level of manufacturing qualification is a great achievement. It also recognises the success in the improvement in quality of our processes. By integrating a carefully thought-out training programme with our manufacturing system, we have achieved clear and measurable improvements, which contributes to an even better quality of product for our customers."

The NVQ programme complies with the Government’s National Training and Skills Targets, which plans to ensure Britain has a place on the world map with recognised skilled individuals.

As an independent company MG Rover Group is determined to develop with its workforce to continue the excellence in car production. The qualification was introduced to underpin the company’s new production system, MGRPS. This is a new manufacturing process designed to drive efficiency.

Training programmes guarantee a threshold performance from employees and move upward to excellence. This allows the highly technical processes in manufacturing to be properly understood and ensure competence.

The Performing Manufacturing Operations programme can be transferred to the manufacture of any product and so it was important that MG Rover Group’s Training and Development Staff worked together with the company’s manufacturing managers and assessors from Dudley College in order to forge a working partnership for success.

The group worked in a precise and scientific way, first assessing the essential skills that are used in the manufacturing process. The whole programme was contextualised for MG Rover Group’s requirements and the standards of the NVQs were used to ensure a progressive level of performance.

As time progressed it became clear that the programme had as much psychological affect as it did technical. Individuals have become more confident in their job roles as they’ve realised what could be achieved, having proved they are fully competent in a whole range of skills.

23 November  2003 Showroom spotlights are focused on the CityRover at local MGR showrooms!
The new CityRover car is currently being showcased to potential customers at local MG Rover dealerships. Combining a value-for-money blend of space, performance and specification, with prices starting from just £6,495, the CityRover is an attractive new car. The range comprises four trim-levels, all featuring a high-output 1.4-litre petrol engine, five-speed manual transmission and five-doors.

Rod Ramsay, Sales Operations Director, said: "The arrival of CityRover marks our return to selling cars in the ‘city sector’. The combination of a powerful small car, attractive modern style and good interior proportions ensures it will have wide appeal."

The four-model range structure begins with the CityRover Solo, a well-equipped entry-level car. There are two parallel mid-price choices, the CityRover Sprite (with the emphasis on a sporting style) which includes alloy wheels, leather sports style steering wheel, front fog lamps, body coloured side sill extensions and rear spoiler and the CityRover Select (with its emphasis on luxury) utilising air conditioning with front and rear electric windows as standard. Specification features are combined to form a top of the range model, the CityRover Style, with the option of a full leather trim.


13 November 2003 Streetwise Accessories Launched

A new range of accessories has been designed to extend further the ‘tough-urban’ appearance of the new Streetwise, by Rover. They are available to order from MG Rover dealer showrooms.

The extensive choice includes larger 17" five-spoke alloy wheels, front nudge bars for extra body protection, side runners and
a rear spoiler trim, colour coded to the body paintwork. Front and rear lamp guards, front fog lights, and a rear bumper guard are also available.

UK prices, excluding fitting, are listed below:

*17" five-spoke alloy wheels and fitting kit £603.43
*Front nudge bars £174.57
*Side runners £202.04
*Rear spoiler trim £83.93

*Front lamp guards £18.41
*Rear lamp guards £31.79
*Front fog lights £97.56
*Rear bumper guard £83.19

Accessories on Streetwise and other Rover models can be ordered through the local MG Rover dealership.

31 October 2003 Every day in November MGR Showroom visitors could win a new car!
Visitors to MG Rover showrooms throughout the UK now have the chance to win the new Streetwise, by Rover, every day during November. Billed as a ‘November to Remember’, 30 Streetwise vehicles, valued at £9,295, will be given to winners drawn daily throughout the month.

Guy Pigounakis, UK Commercial Director, MG Rover Group, said: "The chance to win a new Streetwise every day by simply visiting an MG Rover dealership is a fantastic opportunity and the odds of winning are better than winning the National Lottery!"

21 October 2003 Annual Share Holders Report
2002 has been a challenging year for Phoenix Venture Holdings (PVH). Whilst many of the PVH businesses have performed well, this has been tempered by the results within MG Rover Group Limited whose performance, albeit in line with expectations, has been hampered by a number of key factors.

The year 2002 (and indeed 2003) was always going to be tough for MG Rover Group. After the excitement and euphoria associated with an entirely new company and the launch of a new range of MG Cars and the Rover 75 Tourer we entered a period of consolidation and planning and development of new models.

The company’s performance in 2002 was not helped by the reduction in automotive market volumes in Europe and the relative weakness of the Euro against Sterling. Furthermore, MG Rover was affected by the much publicised problems with the China Brilliance Joint Venture which we have since terminated as a result of the non-receipt of payments due to MG Rover from the Chinese Partner.

In addition, the fact that TWR – our main engineering contractor on the new medium car development programme – was placed into administration, brought further delays to this key programme. Together with the China Brilliance problem this caused us to take ‘time-out’ on the new medium car to assess the status of that programme, establish a new and improved development methodology and confirm the funding extent.

Despite these problems PVH left the year with a healthy cash balance – more, indeed, than at the end of 2001, whilst achieving our forecast result – a loss measured in ‘tens of millions of pounds’. Nevertheless, the loss-making situation within MG Rover, forecast to continue into 2003, clearly needs to be reversed. An extensive programme of improvement actions has been put in place in 2003 (mainly focused on Sales and Marketing activities). A significant part of this process was to appoint John Edwards – an original member of the Phoenix Consortium – to be directly in charge of the MG Rover Group Sales and Marketing function.

MG Rover’s losses constitute a drain on the group’s substantial cash resources and whilst this can be sustained in the short term, MG Rover must start to contribute positive trading results to the group.

We have recently announced and are in the process of launching two cars at the smaller end of the market – the CityRover and Streetwise, which will boost both company and dealer profits. Nevertheless, the next two years, until the launch of the new medium car will be a period of rigorous cost and cash controls in a very competitive market place, whilst investing in new facilities and tooling for the new models.

Across our group companies, over this period of time there will be an unceasing drive to lower our cost base which will include procuring materials (and services) from wherever in the world they can be sourced to achieve the best possible combination of cost and quality.

Within PVH, a number of the companies have delivered positive results and, in some cases, have actually exceeded expectations despite the generally difficult trading conditions.

XPart’s sales growth has continued and profitability levels were exceeded despite the well publicised difficulties in the year of transition to Caterpillar.

Powertrain had a good year achieving targets in all areas in terms of profitability, quality standards and volume delivery to its many customers.

MG Sport and Racing has been expanded to include the sale and promotion of specialist high performance vehicles. The performance of this division in terms of promotion of the MG Brand has again exceeded expectations.

Our Property Companies successfully disposed of surplus land and engaged in vital re-investment in dealer sites, producing better than anticipated returns.

Through the acquisition of a leasing company, PVH concluded business transactions which allowed the utilisation of tax losses within the group and resulted in a significant profit contribution to the 2002 results.

Another major development within the PVH group as a whole was the completion of the long term collaboration project with Tata which has commenced with the creation of a new small car, CityRover. PVH and Tata are continuing discussions with a view to expanding collaboration on a wide range of commercial opportunities.

Our initial venture into the Chinese market proved to be unsuccessful, due to well-publicised circumstances. Since then, however, a number of other prospective Chinese partners have engaged in discussions with us. Negotiations with one of these is expected to conclude shortly.

In another series of discussions, talks with the Polish government are still progressing in respect of the re-opening of a vehicle manufacturing facility in Warsaw and a conclusion is imminent.

PVH will continue to seek alliances around the world in order to secure the group’s long term stability and prosperity.

Year to 31/12/02

Year to 31/12/01




  • Turnover



  • Loss before goodwill, tax and income from group undertaking



  • Net cash



Kevin Howe, Group Chief Executive of Phoenix Venture Holdings, commented:

"Despite facing several challenges in 2002 we took another step forward, improved the Group’s financial performance and achieved a result in line with forecast. The losses within MG Rover, whilst reduced, continued. However, several of the Group’s businesses generated much needed profit and growth.

"Going forward we will remain focused on continuing to reverse the loss situation within MG Rover and growing and developing our other businesses."


16 October 2003 Rover 75 is the most desirable choice

The Rover 75 has received top honours in the latest Used Car Buyer magazine's 'Used Car of the Year Awards' for 2004.  The Rover 75 has been voted the 'Used Car of the Year 2004', by the magazine's panel of 15 motoring journalists and industry experts.

The Rover 75 also won 'Best Used Family Car' in the annual awards.  It was marked highest for fitness-for-purpose, value for money, running costs, reliability, residual value and image.  Last year's winner was the BMW 5-Series.  Now in its fifth year, the awards competition was fiercer than ever, and the Rover 75 beat each of the individual category winners to take the overall title.

Guy Pigounakis, UK Commercial Director, MG Rover Group, commented: "The inherent qualities of comfort, style and refinement is a tangible delight factor, recognised by anyone who has ever driven the Rover 75.  It is a supremely capable car, particularly for the long-distance journey and the 'Used Car of the Year 2004' award serves to underline the appeal for this high-quality British car.  Continuing appreciation, desire and demand for the Rover 75 means a better residual value for those lucky enough to drive one."

1 October  2003 Rover 75 chosen for Movie Premier - "Bright Young Things."
MG Rover Group continued its support for British achievement with a gleaming fleet of chauffeur-driven Rover 75 Saloons for attending stars, celebrities and VIPs to the film premiere of Stephen Fry’s Bright Young Things at The Odeon, Leicester Square. 34161mrg-.jpg

In the presence of HRH The Prince of Wales, the stars of this latest film release, who include Emily Mortimer, James McAvoy, Guy Henry and Jim Broadbent, were joined by top celebrities: Jack Nicholson, Sadie Frost and David Gray, who attended the star studded evening, each emerging from the Starlight Silver Rover cars.

Ross Jones of TV’s This Morning, said: "It’s fantastic to have great British cars supporting a great British film."

Stephen Fry’s adaptation of Evelyn Waugh’s novel Vile Bodies is a period film shot with modern pace and cinematography. The film, a love story and satirical comedy, deals with fame, sexual scandal, greed, night clubbing and the frantic glamour of youth never seen before. Bright Young Things can be seen in cinemas across the UK from Friday October 3.


13 September 2003 Delighted Rover Customer wins back his money

In the first competition of its kind, Kenneth James, a valued customer of MG Rover dealership Luffield Cars, was happy to receive from managing director David Wood a cheque for £19,000, the same money he paid for his Rover 75 Saloon, as the winner of MG Rover Group’s recent prize initiative.

Mr James, a Rover driver for 10 years, entered the competition when he bought his 75 after a visit to the Birmingham motorshow in October. The MG Rover dealer campaign allowed customers who had bought a new car, to enter a prize draw to win the value of their vehicle back. Prize draw entrants were requested to provide a slogan, which Mr James won with: "Whichever one you choose, in elegant style and safety, it will come with three years warranty and roadside assistance, that makes an affordable car you can not resist!"

"I’m absolutely thrilled at winning the monetary value of my car back," said Mr James, adding "I’ve had six Rovers and have been very happy with them all, so to win my money back, is a complete bonus!" David Wood, managing director of Luffield Cars, added: "We’re delighted that our valued customer, Mr James, has won the national prize."

13 September 2003 Delighted Footballer Geoff Horsefield Purchases MG ZT!

New Wigan Athletic signing, and former Birmingham City Footballer, Geoff Horsfield collected his new MG ZT+ 135 CDTi, valued at £22,500 in XPower Grey, from MG Rover dealership Clarks Bromsgrove.

Bob Hickin, Fleet Manager at Clarks Bromsgrove who is also Birmingham City youth academy’s scout and personal friend lent Geoff an MG ZT to test drive whilst his own vehicle was in the garage. Geoff was so impressed by the ZT that he just had to buy one!

Geoff who was sold in a recent £1/2 million transfer deal said: "I was delighted when Bob offered me the MG ZT to test drive. I was thrilled by the drive and handling of the car, I just had to buy one!"

For further information or to book a test drive contact Clarks Bromsgrove on 01527 5779630

12 September 2003 XPart & cat logistics support BEN the Motor Industry Charity

XPart Ltd, the parts subsidiary of Phoenix Venture Holdings and sister company to MG Rover Group has today, in conjunction with its distribution partner Cat Logistics, announced a programme of financial aid to support BEN, the motor industry charity.

The two companies will each donate one pence per line shipped. This should generate an annual income of c£25,000. However, with the two companies about to launch a major "all makes" parts programme, then the revenue stream to BEN will grow to a much higher level.

BEN was founded in 1905 and is the motor industry occupational benevolent fund for employees past and present, and their dependants.

Commenting on the donation, John Parkinson, managing director of XPart said: "Anyone who has worked in the industry for a long time will be aware of the excellent work undertaken by BEN. I know that our donations will be put to good use and help those who have fallen on difficult times."

John Stephenson, General Manager of Cat Logistics echoed John’s comments and added: "We enjoy an efficient and profitable operation that will expand with the addition of the "all makes" parts programme. Everyone associated with our business is most pleased that a portion of the profit will go to this most worthy charity."

Geoffrey Atkinson, BEN’s Chief Executive commented: "This is a brilliant initiative that XPART and Cat Logistics have put into place. BEN looks forward to receiving the revenue that it generates and being able to use the funds to help care for our
colleagues from the industry. We are extremely grateful to these two organisations for the commitment they have shown to BEN and the vital work it undertakes."


9 September 2003 Neighbourhood Wardens to ROVE local community.
Neighbourhood Wardens will patrol the community of Northfield, South Birmingham, from today (September 9) in new Rover Commerce vans. Three Commerce vans, purchased by the City Council using Neighbourhood Renewal Funding, will provide a visible, semi-official presence on local streets and housing estates. They will be working at the grassroots with police and others to deter crime; they will tackle anti-social behaviour and create a greater feel of security and confidence among residents.

The three Rover Commerce vans are built by MG Rover Group at Longbridge, itself within the Northfield constituency and powered by the Cofton Hackett-made Powertrain Limited K Series 1.4-litre engines. All vans have been specified in Starlight Silver paintwork and liveried with a ‘Neighbourhood Wardens on Patrol’ message emblazoned along their flanks. The Commerce vans are the latest ‘53’ September registration plate identity and were prepared locally by MG Rover dealership Evans Halshaw.

Neighbourhood wardens are specially trained and normally wear uniforms, providing an easily recognised point of contact for residents – someone to report incidents to or to discuss community issues with. However, they’re not a replacement for the Police or Housing Staff – rather, they complement their work. Their emphasis is working with and for the community.

Northfield Neighbourhood wardens are there to reduce anti-social behaviour, minimise the fear of crime and provide a link with services for the community to prevent: vehicle crime and abandoned vehicles, street crime, anti-social behaviour, fly tipping, graffiti, vandalism and burglary.

Birmingham City Councillor Steve Bedser, said: "I am delighted to see that neighbourhood wardens will be proudly serving the community in Rover Commerce vans built locally by MG Rover Group at Longbridge. I’m sure they’re going to serve us well and they certainly look great for the purpose."

John Edwards, Sales and Marketing Director, MG Rover Group, said: "This is a great example of a community project and we’re obviously delighted, as the largest employer in the area, to have been involved. I’m sure this initiative will benefit the local community and I look forward to seeing the Longbridge built Rover Commerce vans ‘on patrol’, driving around Northfield."

4 September 2003 FA have taken delivery of R25/45/75 for use by Officials.

The Football Association has taken delivery of a solus fleet of new Rover cars, from the 25, 45 and 75 ranges, which are being used by senior FA officials. 

Paul Barber, The FA's Director of Marketing and Communications, said: "We are delighted to be working with the MG Rover Group and look forward to a beneficial partnership that will drive our brands further."

Peter Milner, General Manager Fleet Sales, said: "It's great that The FA has selected Rover to join its team.  We're both England promoters and this continues our support of athletic performance at the pinnacle of British sport."

The deal also includes opportunities for MG Rover Group to entertain key business clients at forthcoming England matches.

Note: Rover is the Official Car sponsor for Team GB in their preparations for the Athens Olympics in 2004, supporter of UK Athletics, various golf, badminton and tennis championships, and car sponsorship with top flight premiership clubs, Aston Villa, Wolverhampton Wanderers and Birmingham City and football clubs.

19 August 2003 MG Laser sailing Nationals crucial for Olympic Qualification

The MG Laser Sailing Nationals are being hosted by the Scottish Sailing Institute in the picturesque setting of Largs, Ayrshire, sited on the west coast of Scotland, next week, the 18-22th August. This year’s Nationals are crucial as they are the last main event before the Worlds event in Cadiz in September and the penultimate Nationals before the Olympics in 2004.

The MG sponsored competition is an essential path for qualification to represent their country in the largest world event. In excess of 200 boats have pre-entered and more are expected to contest the three different rigs - the Olympic Laser, Laser radial and Laser 4.7. The teams and sailors are coming from as far afield as Bahrain and New Zealand and this year is expected to attract a large Irish following due to their close proximity.

This year’s event sees the increasingly popular Laser 4.7's sharing the same venue for their National championships. Record numbers of 4.7's are expected, following the highly successful MG sponsored Laser coach programme.


19 August 2003 Stanley Tools and MGR Group join forces for Winter promotion

Stanley, the world's leading tool manufacturer, has teamed up with MG Rover Group for its annual winter promotion, as Stanley continues to build on its
success in the UK hand tools market, this year.  Stanley will be taking delivery of new MG Express vans to promote its latest sales campaign, which
will see retailers win hundreds of DVDs, DVD players, games consoles and 28" wide-screen televisions.

The MG Express vans will be touring the country with Stanley representatives, promoting its new sales campaign 'Be a Star Performer with Stanley' and will visit over 10,000 independent retailers and their largest tool wholesalers throughout the UK.  Retailers will also have the chance to enter a draw to win a brand new MG Express van in their own livery.  The Stanley promotion runs until the end of December 2003.

Andy Burns, marketing director of Stanley UK, says: "MG Rover Group has proven to be the perfect partner for us - our brands have very similar supporting qualities and values.  As always, our expectations are high for this year's winter promotion but with the association with MG Rover Group, we are confident 2003 will be our best year yet."

Peter Milner, general manager fleet sales for MG Rover Group, said: "It's fitting that a leading supplier of quality tools should use our new van to promote their campaign and feature another as its star prize."

15 August 2003 MG-Rover Direct launch weekend 16/17 August

MG Rover Group are now selling pre-owned cars direct from the Longbridge site, under a new initiative titled 'MG Rover Direct', with the MG Rover Direct Sales team located at the Longbridge factory.

New cars displayed in the Visitors Centre are now joined by a display of 70 used cars. Behind the scenes around 400 cars are prepared and ready for sale, making this MG Rover's first used car supersite.

Over the weekend 16/17 August, special launch offers will be available to all purchasers of cars from MG Rover Direct. Potential customers can benefit from factory priced cars, but over the weekend can take the benefit of 2-years' 0% finance with zero deposit - a first for a used-car purchase.

In addition to the great finance offer there will be the opportunity to enter a free prize draw to win match tickets to any of the three local premiership clubs. Whilst viewing the wide range of nearly new & used MG Rover cars, customers will be provided with free refreshments.

By visiting MG Rover Direct at Longbridge this weekend, you will be supported by a host of other standard features:
* Over 400 nearly new & used MG & Rover models direct from the factory
* The largest choice of used MG and Rovers anywhere in the UK with the widest range of models, colours and specifications from the ex-company management scheme, demonstration, ex-finance, press & show cars.
* Part exchanges are welcome
* 12 months warranty or balance of manufacturer's warranty (whichever is greater)
* 12 months roadside assistance
* 30-day exchange plan
* Vehicle history and mileage check
* Tailored finance options
* One-to-one customer service

The complete range of used cars available through MG Rover Direct can be viewed at, or you can contact the sales team on 08701 121 999 or simply visit MG Rover Direct at Q Gate, the Visitors Centre, Lowhill Lane, Longbridge, Birmingham, B31 2TB

16 July 2003 Replica Five-Millionth Rover, to go on Sale!

A replica version of the car built to celebrate the five-millionth Rover is to go on sale.  The five-millionth, a Rover 75 2.5 Litre V6 Saloon, is painted in a new special Xirallic(r) Aubergine paint finish.  It is upholstered with Oyster leather, and aubergine Trim with a Connoisseur SE specification, that includes Hi-Line satellite navigation and many additional top-of-the-range items that combine to make this a special Rover car. The Xirallic(r) paint finish is one of the newest developments in paint technology. It has chroma crystal effect pigments.  These produce a very high lustre, a strong glitter effect and have distinct shimmer. 

The replica five-millionth Rover 75 Saloon will go on sale priced at £29,995, with a Sony DVD option at £2,499.  It represents a potential saving of £2,000 over a similarly specified Rover 75 car.  

MG Rover built the five-millionth Rover car on Thursday, July 10, 2003.  The off line ceremony was attended by the Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex. He congratulated MG Rover staff on this motoring milestone.  The original five-millionth Rover car will be retained by the company, in preparation for Rover's centenary celebrations in 2004.

16 July 2003 Royal visit celebrates the Five-millionth Rover


Rover has today (July 10), built its five-millionth car since production began in 1904. The Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex visited Longbridge to congratulate MG Rover staff and celebrate the significance of this motoring milestone.

Kevin Howe, Chief Executive, MG Rover Group, said: "We are honoured that the Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex was able to join us for this special moment. Though MG Rover Group is a relatively young company, the Rover marque represents a very important historical legacy. Next year we’ll be celebrating Rover’s centenary, which will also hold special significance."

The five-millionth Rover is a 75 Saloon, powered by a K Series 2.5-litre V6 engine, and painted in a special Xirallic® Aubergine paint finish. The car is upholstered with unique Oyster leather seats, an aubergine Personal Line interior and Connoisseur SE specification, with Hi-Line satellite navigation and many additional top-of-the-range items that combine to make this a special Rover.

The most popular Rover ever was the Rover 200 (R8) model launched in 1989 and the first application of the legendary lightweight K Series engine still fully utilised in higher-output current products.

The five-millionth Rover car will be retained by the company, in preparation for Rover’s centenary celebrations next year, in 2004.

 The five-millionth Rover

This special celebration Rover has been fitted with a high number of options. Five-speed auto transmission, Serpent 17" alloy wheels, a Driver Intelligence system (rain sensor, trip computer and reversing aid), Hi-Line satellite navigation Harman-Kardon stereo system, Business Pack (mobile phone holder and accessory sockets), powered glass sunroof, traction control, cruise control and electric driver and passenger seat adjustment have all been specified. Factory optional wood steering wheel, gear knob and handbrake grip are specified, with a Monogram option of a Sony DVD player.

The unique Xirallic® Aubergine paint finish, a trademark of Merck KgaA, Darmstadt, Germany was specially constructed by MG Rover Group’s paint supplier Dupont. Xirallic® is the newest development of paint effect with high chroma crystal effect pigments. These produce a very high lustre, a strong glitter effect and have distinct shimmer behaviour. The Aubergine colour has a progressive travel, with increased colour intensity and very strong lustre.


Rover cars Produced Total
Rover 45 (Oyster) 2000- 129,250
Rover 25 (Jewel) 1999- 217,620
Rover 75 (R40) 1998- 169,250
Rover 200 (R3) 1995-1999 470,449
Rover 400 (HHR) 1995-2000 469,781
Rover 100 1994-1997 170,262
Rover 600 (Synchro) 1993-1999 270,988
Rover 800 (R17) 1991-1998 128,052
Rover Metro (R6) 1990-1994 389,224
Rover 400 inc. Tourer (R8, Tex) 1990-1998 245,630
Rover 200 inc. Cabriolet/Coupe (R8) 1989-1998 708,003
Rover 800 (XX) 1986-1991 201,889
Rover 200 (SD3) 1984-1989 418,367
Rover 2000-3500 (SD1) 1976-1986 303,345
Rover 2000-3500 (P6) 1963-1977 333,494
Rover 3.5-litre (P5) 1967-1973 20,600
Rover 3-litre (P5) 1959-1967 49,892
Rover 60-110 (P4) 1950-1964 130,342
Rover 60-75 (P3) 1948-1949 9,100
Rover 20 / Speed 20 (P2) 1937-1940 641
Rover 16 (P2) 1937-1948 9,259
Rover 14 (P2) 1937-1948 11,303
Rover 12 (P2) 1937-1948 16,627
Rover 10 (P2) 1937-1948 9,903
Rover 14 (P1) 1934-1936 9,464
Rover 12 (P1) 1934-1936 5,775
Rover 10 (P1) 1934-1936 5,702
Rover Speed Pilot / Speed 14 1933-1936 584
Rover Speed Meteor / Speed 20 1932-1935 110
Rover 12hp & 14hp Pilot 1932-1933 4,396
Rover Meteor / Light 20 1930-1933 1,718
Rover Light 6 1930 1,857
Rover 2-Litre 1928-1934 8,048
Rover 10/25 / 10 Special 1927-1933 24,687
Rover 16/50 1926-1928 1,364
Rover 14/45 1925-1927 2,778
Rover 9/20 1924-1927 13,000
Rover 8hp twin 1920-1925 17,700
Rover 18hp 1912-1913 150
Rover 12hp (Clegg) 1912-1924 13,400
Rover 12hp (Knight) 1911-1912 200
Rover 8hp (Knight) 1911-1912 150
Rover 15hp 1909-1911 450
Rover 12hp (2 cyl) 1908-1910 400
Rover 20hp 1906-1910 200
Rover 12hp (4 cyl) 1906 100
Rover 6hp 1905-1912 2,296
Rover 8hp 1904-1912 2,200
Rover cars production total 1904-2003 5,000,000

Every effort has been made to ensure the validity in the calculation of historic Rover production. The most authentic and accurate records available have been used, though in the absence of exact early production figures, the numbers are based on chassis records, known surviving cars and available documentation.


19 August 2003 I'm a Celebrity, Get me a Rover!
'King of the Jungle', Phil Tufnell, the recent winner of 'I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!' heads a star line-up of former cricketing celebrities - all members of the Lashings Cricket Club - who drive new Rover cars in a promotion arrangement with the company.

The Lashings players are attending matches around the country until September, commuting to each match in a fleet of Rover 75 Saloon and Tourer models.

Guy Pigounakis, commercial sales director, MG Rover Group, said: "Supporting the Lashings Cricket Club tour sees Rover being associated with a great British match.  I'm sure Phil Tufnell's bowled over to now be travelling in comfort and style."

Phil Tufnell said: "Being fresh out of the Jungle, the Rover is complete paradise.  No journey is too long, and I just don't want to get out of here!"