Bike - Stoppies 466 kb
  Roller Blader 911 kb
  Grandma with Dog 574 kb
  Pool Jump 654 kb
  Bike Stunt 943 kb
  Spanish ZR Advert Large
  Spanish ZR Advert Small
  Seat advert featuring a TF 1,043 kb
  Funny ZT advert 1,901 kb
  SV launch video  
  2004 ZR/ZS MY Football advert (courtesy of MGR) 3.2 mb
  2004 MG-Rover Advert  (courtesy of MGR) 4.06 mb
  Spanish Ad Seque (ZR and girls)l 5.23 mb
  Film - The making of the SV featuring Peter Stevens 324 mb

These videos have their copyright embedded into them.

  John Price (6R4) Sunseeker 2001
  Richard Moore (6R4) Sunseeker 2001
  John Price 6R4 Sound 942 kb
  Rally Sprint 1985 (6R4) 14 mb
NEW Motorvision Test of a ZT190 11 mb
NEW ZR 160 easily beats a Civic Type R 20.4 mb

If you have more of these or some car ones send me them, but first e-mail your intentions so that I can enable the "Cable Modem".